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Friday, December 28, 2012

What is Classic Camping

Take a minute to listen as Steve Watts discusses how we define Classic Camping.

“The goal of camping is camping itself. 
 The practice and the payoff are one and the same.”
Steve Watts

For anyone interested in getting started, a sound philosophical reason for why we do it is essential. The art of the re-encampment can be undertaken for lots of reasons, but the whole basis of it is to hearken back to when camping was the reason for going camping. It wasn't just a stopping point for a tramping trip or the place where one spent time while waiting for the daylight to get better for the hunt. Camping was an end it itself. Sitting by the campfire's glow with a bunch of well-fed friends who know the finer arts of the sylvan life can never be beat. So come join us as we celebrate camping in the old style. 

1 comment:

  1. Modern gadgets are what I have a problem with. It has got out of hand. I prefere the early to mid 18th century style of trekking & camping. More skills & less gear.