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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Mors Kochanski To Be
Woodsmoke Keynoter

Woodsmoke organizer, David Wescott (left ) and longtime friend, Mors Kochanski (right) invite you to attend this amazing event.

Mors Kochanski, author Northern Bushcraft and world famous master woodsman will be the Keynote presenter for the First International Classic Camping and Bushcraft Symposium. Mors is taking a 5 year leave to pursue his writing endeavors, so his appearances are limited for the next little while. If you want to spend time with Mors and get to hear his fantastic presentation, then sign up to attend Woodsmoke 2011 today.
We're busy getting the site ready before the snow flies and the spring runoff makes it impossible to do the repairs we need to do in order to host WOODSMOKE 2011. The entry bridge was replaced across the creek and new buck-rail fencing lines the entry road. A beautiful gateway is also going in to replace the old one that wasn't aging well. Contact Backtracks for information about this great new event.

Uncle Dan Beard would be so proud....Woodcraft in action.

We're rescheduling Woodsmoke
The Woodsmoke Camp and Trail
July 8-14. 2012

Our Campsite

Looking east to the Teton Range from the parking area.

Here's another look at some great old timey camping. This was a re-encampment set up by Mike Powell and myself at the Grand Teton Council Jamboral (Idaho) last May (2010). It was a real hit, with lots of good comments and questions. People are always amazed to see how well this type of camping works - better than the new stuff - on a cold spring day. My tent was warm and dry, and we showed them a few tricks that had been lost to most modern scouters - too bad.
- Old Gringo

Cut and past the url address and check out the camp.

Watts and Wescott Re-Encampments
Here we are in Boone, North Carolina
Appalachian State University
with a 1932VL Harley Davidson.

Celebrating Our Classic Camping Traditions -
Become a part of it !

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Watts (right) and Wescott (left) post Cradle Project, 2007.


In the year 2000 I published a book entitled Camping In The Old Style. It was reasonably popular among those of the classic bent, and is now out of print. It is being resurrected. I have joined forces with Steve Watts (NC) and assembled a field research team (there are still openings). We have conducted a number of re-enactments including 3 at Cradle of Forestry, as well a couple of interesting experimental excursions, and numerous workshops to test out what can be adapted to,our modern age and still be efficient and environmentally acceptable.
This project is currently underway and will result in a series of field guides that truly celebrate the joy of camping in the old style.- Old Gringo

No better way to eat - cookin' in the old style. Open hearth at Cradle of Forestry, 2007.

Borrowing from a famous photo of Gifford Pinchot and his wife. Cradle of Forestry, 2007.