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Friday, December 28, 2012

Left: Gifford Pinchot and his wife, Cornelia, enjoy a morning repast, ca. 1920s.
Right: Acorn Patrollers, Suzanne Simmons and David Wescott recreate the scene
at The Cradle of Forestry re-encampment, 2007.

Doin' It Right
By Steve Watts
The Cradle of Forestry
October 10-12, 2008
Pisgah National Forest, NC

"The tramping trip need not be the longest and most dangerous excursion up to the highest mountain, through the deepest woods or across the wildest torrents, glaciers or deserts, in order to be a happy one; but however short or long, rough or smooth, calm or stormy, it should be one in which the able, fearless camper sees the most, learns the most, loves the most and leaves the cleanest track..."
                                             John Muir, quoted by Dan Beard, 1920


Doin’ It Right
By David Wescott
In Seton’s Tracks Project 5/09
May 30-31, 2009
Big Island on Henry’s Fork of the Snake River
David Wescott and Mike Powell

In the tradition of the Cradle of Forestry, we have again tried to recreate the essence of Camping In The Old Style. We selected 5 classic views – 4 from Warren Miller’s Camping Out, and one from Snake River Echoes. We did not try to duplicate the photos, but only come close to how it might have been. We used only period gear, and modeled the photos after our remembrance of what the original photos looked like, capturing only the essence of Tramping In The Old Style.

In the fashion of the Idaho game warden, we recreated this photo of the
well-supplied tramper ready for a long self-supported stay in the wilds.

Geting the packs ready to load.
The set of two Duluth Packs on the right were actually found in a barn
under a pile of hay by Mike Powell (right) along with a
great old Dietz lantern.

Warren Miller prepares for a day of fishing in front of his sheltered
stretcher bed, 1920.

The envelope-style pack in the Miller photo at left was unusual for the day -
very cutting edge. On the right, Mike chose an eastern-style pack basket to
make a portage to our island camp.

Packin' Camp. Warren Miller is on the right and David Abercrombie -
of Abercrombie and Fitch fame. - is in the center. The recreated photo is a
mosaic of Dave Wescott posing in all three positions.

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  1. At last! Someone else getting into historical trekking & experimental archaeology.
    More the merrier.
    Regards, Keith.