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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

We're busy getting the site ready before the snow flies and the spring runoff makes it impossible to do the repairs we need to do in order to host WOODSMOKE 2011. The entry bridge was replaced across the creek and new buck-rail fencing lines the entry road. A beautiful gateway is also going in to replace the old one that wasn't aging well. Contact Backtracks for information about this great new event.

Uncle Dan Beard would be so proud....Woodcraft in action.


  1. Great David! Where do I sign up?


  2. - It’s Official –
    New Dates For Woodsmoke Kick-off
    July 8-14, 2012
    See details and updates at
    • We’re rescheduling the kick-off dates for the First Annual Woodsmoke Classic Camping and Bushcraft Rendezvous. The new dates will be July 8-14, 2012.
    • The Classic Camping Re-encampment dedicated to Stewart Edward White will be held July 7-8, 2012 – the Saturday and Sunday prior to the opening of the event.
    We apologize to those who had their hearts set on the event starting this year. We know you have been making plans for this August, and this is a real disappointment to those who have been chomping at the bit to be here. But, we have decided that it’s better to postpone and build even more excitement than to come out with a half-baked event that turns out to be a disappointment rather than contributing to a renaissance of our classic woodcraft traditions.
    Here’s How It Will Work
    July 6 Classic Camp set-up.
    July 7-8 Teton Basin Re-Encampment – Dedicated to Stewart Edward White - A demonstration camp open to the public that will represent the Golden Age of Camping. This will be a 1920s re-encampment complete with canvas, cast iron, lanterns and brass, old cars, wagons and lots of classic woodcraft demonstrations. Join us in traditional dress and camping gear, and go Camping In The Old Style. (Note- Participants must apply to be a demonstrator and re-enactor. Those chosen will receive a reduced rate for the rendezvous. The classic camp will be the center of the event for the entire week).
    July 8 Woodsmoke Welcome event Sunday evening. This will be an open hearth dinner and Keynote Address by Mors Kochanski.
    July 9-11 The First International Classic Camping and Bushcraft Symposium – These two fields have a common ground – our classic woodcraft traditions. Monday thru Wednesday will focus on the presentation of papers, discussions, program models, as well as Bushcraft 101 – hands-on short courses on a variety of neat bushcraft skills and tricks. (Consider this a Call for Presenters to apply).
    July 12-14 The University of Woodcraft – an in-depth exploration of the secrets of Campcraft, Trailcraft, Woodcraft, and Woodslore. You will choose one from over a dozen topics, and work with a mentor for 3 days to create a finished project. Courses will have limited capacities (10-12) and will fill on a first-come-first-served basis. A materials charge, for projects requiring it, will be in addition to the main rendezvous price.
    University of Woodcraft Courses - Choose 1 of the 12 courses offered.
    Woodcraft – Scandinavian Stacked Handle Knives and Sheaths
    Understanding Wood – Spoons, Kuksa’s, Crafting Tools
    Brain-Tanning Deer Hides
    Woodslore - Tracking, Trapping, Processing Game
    Plant Lore – Edible, Medicinal, Constructive
    Navigation – Prehistoric, Historic, Modern methods
    Campcraft - Wood Stove Making
    Camp Clothing – Capotes, Mittens, Hats
    Open Hearth Camp Cooking
    Trailcraft - Trapper Nelson Pack making- Frames and bags
    Canoe Equipment – Paddle carving, wannigans, tumps
    Dirtbagger’s Deluxe – Scratch Kit making

    If you have suggestions for the event, or University of Woodcraft classes you would like to see us offer, please contact us. The cost for the week will be $350. This includes camping, Symposium workshop materials, 2 meals each day, and an amazing week of camaradrie and learning.