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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Watts (right) and Wescott (left) post Cradle Project, 2007.


In the year 2000 I published a book entitled Camping In The Old Style. It was reasonably popular among those of the classic bent, and is now out of print. It is being resurrected. I have joined forces with Steve Watts (NC) and assembled a field research team (there are still openings). We have conducted a number of re-enactments including 3 at Cradle of Forestry, as well a couple of interesting experimental excursions, and numerous workshops to test out what can be adapted to,our modern age and still be efficient and environmentally acceptable.
This project is currently underway and will result in a series of field guides that truly celebrate the joy of camping in the old style.- Old Gringo

No better way to eat - cookin' in the old style. Open hearth at Cradle of Forestry, 2007.

Borrowing from a famous photo of Gifford Pinchot and his wife. Cradle of Forestry, 2007.

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  1. Hi David... I see this post is a few years old now. I hope you're making progress with new issues/versions of "Camping in the Old Style." That book has a lot to offer! I've been involved in a fair bit of publishing and printing myself. My two bits would be to make sure the next printing is on brighter, smoother paper. The photos are so good but the printing I have has muddled most of them. Bright, snappy photo repro would really bring out the timelessness of the pics and the skills. It might be key to widening the impact of such efforts. There are several new social sectors who are open to it these days. Best wishes! JP