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Monday, December 19, 2011

Teachers At Woodsmoke

Woodsmoke Teaching Staff
We are getting confirmations back from this years teaching staff every day now. We will let you know who will be on hand to teach as the months progress. Invitations have been sent to leaders in the classic camping and bushcraft fields. If you visit our site, you can see our staff directory for our primitive skills gatherings. Backtracks has the reputation of attracting the best teachers available.

Don Kevilus - Four Dog Stoves

To begin with, we want to introduce Don Kevilus, the mad scientist of wood burning stoves. Don is the owner of Four Dog Stove Co. and recognized as a leader in wood stove technology in both tent stove and bushcooker designs. Including being an expert in the art and science of stove heating and cooking, Don is a master teacher. He will be showing us his latest and greatest stove designs as well as conducting a wood stove-making workshop as part of the University of Woodcraft series. Sign up now and plan to attend one of Don's master classes at Woodsmoke.

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